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At Newtimes Hair Company, hair length refers to the length from hair root to hair tip. For example if you order a hair replacement with a 12” hair length, we will prepare around 16” of hair before knotting. The extra 4” is kept for return hair. When we knot hair on the base, a strand hair will be folded in two, the first part is 12” long hair, the second part is 4” return hair. After knotting the hair tips will not be at the same level because the hair is knotted to different places. The finished hair length from the crown to tip of the whole hair replacement will be a little longer than12”.
If you want finished length to be 12”, please tell our sales representatives. The crafter will prepare shorter hair before knotting, otherwise the finished length will be longer than you require.
For further information, please contact flora@newtimeshair.com

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