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Hi there,
We at Newtimes hair factory manufacture a wide range of stock hair systems made from a variety of different base materials. 
These include full French lace toupees, lace with clear PU back and sides, thin skin bases and fine mono bases.
Now I will let you know the advantages of each base design to help you select the most suitable hairpiece for you.

Full French lace base: has bleached knots and is both breathable and invisible. Full lace material can also be cut to a smaller size with ease.
Lace with clear PU back and sides: has bleached knots of lace area and is both breathable and invisible. The clear PU is great with adhesive tapes and it can also be cut to a smaller size.
Thin skin base:  comes with a choice of knots,  usually: V loop, injected and single split knots. A V loop base hair provides high volume. It has no knots so more looks natural.
Injected bases have hair injected into the skin. As there are no knots, it also looks very natural.
Single split knots have knots on the skin, while not looking as natural, they have a longer lifespan than V loop and injected knots.
Fine mono base: has the longest lifespan of all the types described. While bleached knots are not available, these bases are durable.
This is just some general information, if you need any more information please contact me. My email is .

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