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Bleached knots usually can be used on most of lace materails.  When the ventilation is finished , there will be a lot of visible knots on the hair side of the base.  This knots will impact the effect of the hairpiece.  It is not natural. So we will bleach the knots to remove the dark color from the knots, then making them invisible.

The process of bleached knots as below:
1. Bleaching stuffs have bleaching powder, bleaching liquid and red tone removing.  The three stuffs will be mixed.  And the mixture is red at starting. Ten minutes later it will change into white.
2. Put the mixture on the scalp side of the hairpiece and cover a bathcap on it.
3. Heating it.  It is better that using a space heater, hair dryers or leave it in
the sun.  But don’t use a microwave oven.  The heating process will take about
30-45 minutes.
4. When the heating is finished, hairpiece will be washed with
a sort of red tone removing shampoo.  Leave the shampoo on it five minutes, then washing it.
5. Suck the water with a towel and put some moisturizing conditoner on the hairpiece.

Then this is the process of bleached knots.  The effect picture of bleaching knots as below:
bleached knots

bleached knots 2

Two things need to be noted:
1. Bleached knots just can be used on lace material, not skin and mono.
2. Jet black can not be bleached.  It just can make a dye after.(about dye after, I will introduce it in another article.)

If you want to obtain any further information on this issue, Please feel free to send us email to, we can give you more detailed information.

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