Different knot types on skin bases
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Different knot types on skin bases

Many customers may feel confused by the different knot types available on skin bases. Here are the pros/cons of V-loops, injected and silicon injected knot types.

1). V-looped hair has no knots at all. If you use it at front hairline, it will be super natural. V-looped hair can be combed at any hair direction, and is very easy to style. If you want to show your hairline, we suggest V-looped hair at the front hair line. The disadvantage is that the lifespan of V-looped hair is shorter than knotted hair. However, with ultra thin skin bases, only V-looped hair can be used.

2). Injected hair also has no knots at all. It looks like the hair is growing from the scalp, just like your own hair. Injected hair has a flatter effect and is mostly used for combing hair forward. The hairline is not as natural as V-looped hair. If you want a brushback hair direction, we don't suggest injected hair.

3). Silicon injection is different from the last two skin systems. Silicon is about 0.25cm thick. It is thick and can last s longer time. If you require hair of 14 inches or more and over medium heavy density, we do not suggest the use of Silicon injected knots as it may result in hair shedding problems because if the density is too high, the hair cannot hold very well. Silicon is not breathable and not suitable for the Summer season or hot climates. Production times are also longer. For a full cap wig, it may take about 12-14 weeks for production.

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