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With handmade hairpieces, hair is knotted by hand through a very fine mesh. After weeks or months of full-time use the hair will fall. This is known as shedding and happens when the knot comes loose. This is one of the main concerns for our clients. Washing, use of solvents to remove adhesive, traction, rubbing and bleached knots are all contributing factors to shedding.


Here are some tips to avoid hair shedding problem?

– Bleach knots make hair systems look super realistic but because of the chemical process used to achieve this natural look the knots weaken sooner. If on the other hand you choose a darker discoloration, your hair system will last longer.

– Do not apply masks, conditioners, creams or oils at the base of your hair system because this can prematurely loosen the knots.

– Use a satin pillow case when you sleep, this helps to lessen the tension and friction of your hair system rubbing against your pillow.

– When you unravel your hair system after washing it, always start by brushing from the base. Hold the strands of hair with your free hand to avoid pulling the knots down with the brush.

– Avoid using more solvent then necessary to remove adhesive. When you finish removing the glue or tape from the front, wash immediately with water and shampoo. Also let the solvent work two to three minutes so you can remove it easily.

– It is important that you follow a routine of applying a mask, conditioner or oil to the hair piece at least twice a week even if your hair system is new. If you keep your hair well hydrated, it will be easier to untangle it.

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