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Recently, I receive many questions about skin bases. Skin bases have some great advantages, like the material is invisible and soft, it is also easy to attach to and remove. However it is not breathable like other base materials.

Different thicknesses of skin base have different knots and create different effects. If you haven't had much experience with hair replacement systems, we have a range of stock systems for you to try.


HS1 model ( around 0.08mm- 0.10mm skin thickness).


This is a traditional model, with V-loop knots at the front for a natural look and double knots in other areas to increase durability. It is a good choice if you are making your first trial order.


HS25-V model ( around 0.03MM skin thickness)


This model also called an ultra thin skin base. The base is super soft and has with v-loops all over to create an outstanding natural look. However, this piece is not made for long term use.  


INS model (around 0.10 skin thickness)


This model has injected knots which gives you a natural look. If you like your hair to have a flat effect, this model is just right for you.

All of stock order can be sent out within 24 hours of receiving your payment.
Any questions , feel free to send me an email 

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