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How to cut a stock hair system to size?


Take our Q6 stock piece as an example. The Q6 model is French lace with clear PU on the sides and back. The standard size is 8” from side to side, and 10” from front to back.


Here we will tell you how to cut it to 7”x9”. All you need is a measuring tape, marker and scissors


  1.  As we are going to cut half inch at each side. Let’s measure the hair system first to make sure the side to side measurement is 8” and do the same from front to back.
  2.  Now let’s go ahead to make our first mark. Take the first side, then measure half inch and make a little mark with your marker. Then take the other side, also half inch and make the second mark.
  3. We need to cut front to back to 9”. The Q6 model lace front hairline has bleached knots, so we will not cut from the lace front. We need only to measure from the back. The total length is 10”, we are going to use 9”. Measure 1” and mark.
  4.  Now we have 3 marks in total. Measure again to make sure the size is 7”x9” just to be sure. Connect all three marks with your marker, and draw a circle evenly around your hair system. This will give you a guide of where to cut. You can take your time to doing this well.
  5. Use the scissors to cut the excess. The technique you want to use is to open the scissors only a tiny bit. If you open them too wide, you will cut away the hair.


It’s as simple as that!


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