How to Encourage Adhesion with the Toupee Tape or Adhesive?
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Many our clients ask me how to encourage adhesion with the toupee tape or adhesive? I'm introducing tips for this point.

Do you know even very tiny part of remaining adhesive residue also will break down the adhesion of the toupee tape and adhesive and to make the toupee can not stay on your head strongly? So you should clear your head thoroughly before wear the toupee. Below is themen%20hair%205 steps for how to prepare the scalp before wearing the toupee:

1. Wipe the adhesive area with wet towel vigorously. You also can spray light mist of oil-based adhesive remover. This will help clear the adhesive more thoroughly.

2. Wash your head. Wash your entire head 4-5 times. Including your scalp and hairs. Scrub your scalp to make sure the adhesive and oil-based adhesive remover wash out thoroughly. Using the exfoliating glove during the washing is better. This will help wash more clearly.

3. Dry your head and shave any hair or stubble from bonding area. After washing, you should dry your head using dry towel or blow dryer. Make sure your head completely dry, otherwise any moisture will break down the adhesion.

4. Using Scalp Prep. To encourage adhesion, you can apply a layer of Scalp Prep (also called Skin Protector). This will encourage the adhesion with the toupee tape and adhesive and also can protect your skin.

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