How to tell a good toupee and a bad toupee (Two)
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A human hair toupee is more expensive, but it is the most authentic looking and can pay off in the long run. When properly cared for a human hair toupee will hold up much longer than a synthetic hairpiece. A human hair toupee can be colored which is useful if it starts to fade from the sun or as your natural hair color begins to change. A perm is also an option with human hair toupees. And aside from looking more natural, human hair feels like real hair. A high quality synthetic hairpiece may look all right for a while, but it's simply not real hair and will eventually look like you are wearing a toupee. They also will not last as long as a well-made human hair toupee. Synthetic hair cannot withstand heat styling like human hair and it needs to be shampooed with a cleanser formulated for synthetics.

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