How to tell synthetic hair wig and real human hair wig?
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How to tell synthetic hair wig and real human hair wig? Synthetic hair wig is made by machine with chemical fiber materials. The inside net is very poor permeability. After a period of wearing the hair will become hairy. The hair style cannot be change, only be fixed one style. What’s more the hair cannot be frequently washed. The synthetic wig cap usually fixed already, cannot change any more. So it is hard for you to buy a finished wig which suits your size exactly.

However, human hair wigs are all made by one hundred percent human hair which is weaved by professional technicians. The base materials are all imported from South Korea, Switzerland, Germany and other developed countries. The wigs are all with excellent permeability. Head crown and parting area are very like real scalp. The biggest feature is can be made according to customer’s requirement. The wig is very strong and solid, without any wind rain effect and a variety of outdoor activities, free wash, cut, perm, dye and style, in addition to not grow outside, and real hair exactly the same, the service life of up to 3–5 years

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