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How to wear lace systems?  How to wear the lace systems with very natural appearnce?  I’m introducing the tipe of how to wear lace systems now.

There is four step need be followed:

1. Apply hair pieces tapes on the sides and back.

Position one piece of tape about 1/2″ behind where the front hairline meets the sides.  The area forward this point will be reserved for the glue to make a natural hairline.  And then continue placing pieces of tape along the sides and back.

2. Mark the hairline use easy-washing pen.

Put on the lace systems, starting from back.  Mark the hairline, you can use a
easy-washing pen.  Mark the front and centre, and then 1″ apart another marker, continue marking, at least make 7-8 markers.

3. Brush on thin layer of glue

Fold the front lace back and down.  Brush on thin layer of glue following the markers. Don’t brush too thick glue.  Using your finger, starting from the back, wipe the glue gently following your biological hairline to make the glue smooth and take out the extra glue.

4. Attach the front edge of lace pieces

Await 15 minutes to let the glue dry before attach the lace front on your scalp.  Then bring the lace front down, use the tipe of your finger, press it to make it attached on your scalp strongly.

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