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  • Product name : Thin Skin Stock Men’s Toupee

    Base Construction:   Transparent super thin polyurethane base all over. Single hair strand is injected into the skin base and then securely hand-knotted.

    Appearance: Natural looking.

    Men’s Toupee Hair Density: medium-light

    Comfortability: Feather light, gas permeable, skin base is easy to tape and clean. Four skin tone colors available (Flesh, brown, dark brown, black)

    Applicable User:  Wearer who wants a skin base men’ s toupee with good appearance and does not mind the durability quite much

    Real factory, high quality custom men’s  toupee, Newtimes Hair is the best choice.

    HS1 thin skin men's toupee

    HS1 thin skin men’s toupee

    skin front (dark hair)

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