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Product name: Full French lace base toupee for men

Base Construction: All French lace base, hand-sewn stitching for better shape contour and extra durability. Bleached knots make the hairline undetectable. When worn, the base is totally invisible.

Appearance:  Front hairline and top totally undetectable, Natural appearance, beautiful looking.:

Comfortability:  Feather light, whole base absolutely breathable, comfy feel.

Applicable User:  Wearers who want undetectable hairline, natural looking, comfortable feel, but don’t overly mind the durability of toupee for men.

Hair type:   high quality Indian human hair, Chinese hair, Remy hair and synthetic hair are available.

Designed and supplied by NewtimesHair, one of the biggest toupee for men producer and supplier in China.

HS7 French lace all over toupee for men

Recent order:

LJC323 toupee for men

This toupee for men is the same base (full french lace) as HS7 toupee for men, but it is pleated on the french lace for it, and as per our customer's requirements, we use the synthetic grey hair to make this custom order.

LJC323:DSC_0099 toupee for men


Base construction: Full French lace with stitched, pleated on lace

Base size:  6"*9"

Hair length: 6"

Hair color:  7#,17#,22R mixed

Wave & Curl: 3.2cm

Hair direction: Free style

Bleached knots: Full unit

Pictures:   zonghe toupee for men


Base size:   7 1/2 inch * 10 1/2 inch
Hair length:  5 inch
Hair color:   1B#
Hair density: Extra light
Wave & curl:  Straight
Hair  direction:   Free style
Bleached knots: Full unit
Hairline for toupee for men



Base construction: Full French lace with pleating on sides and back, custom made contour

Hair length: 3"

Hair color: 4#

Hair density: Med-light

Wave & Curl: Front and Top:2.5 cm; Crown,temple,sides and back: 2.8 cm

Hair direction: Free style

Bleached knots: Front 1"





Base construction: Full French lace base,Pleated on back and sides

Hair length:3"

Density: Medium light

Wave & Curl: 2.5 cm

Hair direction: Free style




Recnet order: LJC269

This order is also Full French lace base

Pictures of LJC269:DSC_0057


Recent order LJC428:

Completely Same as HS7

Pictures of LJC428:


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