Introduction to different types of grey hairs
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Introduction to different types of grey hairs


Grey hairs are an essential part of a good hair piece. However,  do you know about the different types of grey hair available?  Which grey hair is a better fit for you? Today, let me share some good ideas with you.


Tip 1: Color difference

  We have three types of grey hair: synthetic grey hair, human grey hair and yak grey hair.  Each grey hair has a slightly different color.

 Yak grey hair is whitest in color and very beautiful. Obviously, the most natural grey hair is human grey hair, it a more natural lustre. Synthetic hair color is in the middle.


Tips2  The difference in look & feel

Yak grey hair looks very similar to human hair with a good white color. If you don't like human hair, but want a natural fibre, then yak hair is a good choice for you.   

Human grey hair comes from older people. Unlike the hair of younger people it is more fragile. However, it is soft and and has a nice feel.

Synthetic grey hair has no shine but has the big advantage of being unbleachable. If you want to change your hair color someday, synthetic grey hair is a good choice for you. However it cannot be styles at high temperatures.  

Hope the above helps.


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