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The base, color, and hair direction all contribute to an undetectable front hairline. Thousands of clients make hair toupee orders us, and more than 80% of them will add one particular requirement to their order “ I want a natural invisible hairline” or ” I want a undetective hair toupee, especially the natural front “. Here are some tips to help give you that invisible front hairline.
Tips 1 : Choose your suitable front shape.
No one want a straight hairline, it is too fake, right? That is why a suitable front shape with stable and natural recession knots will achieve  perfect results for you. Please look at all the hair piece you see frontal shape pictures below.
front shape_副本
Tips 2: Lace for the base
 There are lots of different types of base materials but for the most natural front appearance, you'll want to use lace. There are different types of lace, and for those who can afford it,  Swiss lace will give you the best appearance. But , I must note that they don't last very long because Swiss lace is such delicate material. For something more durable, go with French lace, and you get a totally natural appearance with that too, but it will last a little longer.
lace material color
Tips 3: Bleached knots.
 Bleach knots help enhance your invisible front hairline. Check out the pictures below.

bleached knots

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