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For full French lace base, the default is single split knots on front 1/2”, and double split knot on the rest of the base.
Why we knot in this way?
Single split knots are really small. After being bleached, the knot is practically invisible. All customers want a natural front hairline effect which are created by the use of these small single split knots.

You may ask, if the effect is so nice, why not use single split knots all over the base?
If we used single split knot all over the lace base, hair would be less durable after being bleached so as a default we use double split knot the rest of the case. There durability ensures the hair won’t easily shed and don’t worry about the appearance because they are used in places that are less. You will still have the natural hairline created by the single split knots. You get a great effect and durability.

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