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When we receive the customer’s order of hair system, we need to confirm every details of this order. Then if all specifications are confirmed, we will start production of the order as soon as possible. However, sometimes customers would like to make some change or modification on the order after the order is started production already. Even sometimes, they want to make change after several weeks.
So we have to let customers know when and how to make the adjustment after the order have already been in production.

Actually, after our production department receive the order, the first works they will do is making the base and matching the hair. So if you would like to make any change on base or hair (hair type,hair color,grey hair percentage…),  could you please inform us within 3 days after the order started? You need to list all of the changes on order via email . Then we will check if it can be amended and reply you as soon as possible.

If it is more than 3 days, it is too late to change the specifications. If you insist on changing it, can you please email us about the detailed adjustment, then we will check and estimate if it can be amended and if it needs extra charge. However, even we charge you the extra charge for modification, we still can not promise it will be indeed changed, but we will do our best for you. And the extra charge will not be refunded to you. So if you have any changes, thanks to inform us within 3 days.

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