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Poly in different thickness can be made with different knots. The toupee will be natural with the appropriate knots. Please find the explanation below:
The poly used in toupee orders is also called skin. Poly is the general name for different types of skin.
The thickness of the thinnest poly for knots is 0.08mm, we call it BIO skin. The thickness of the standard PU is medium thickness around 0.12mm and 0.16mm for thick PU. They can be made by normal knots, injection and V-looped.
The super thin skin like 0.03mm,0.04mm and 0.06mm can only be made V-looped because the skin is too thin to tie the knots on it.
The poly coat is poly with net.  It is more durable than PU on its own because it has one more layer of lace or mono than the clear pu.
You can choose different thickness of PU when you place toupee orders and choose the appropriate knots accordingly.  

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