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Silk top is one of the of the most natural ventilation methods, otherwise known as injected lace. This ventilation method is used on lace material. The advantage of this knotting method is that there are no knots on the hair side of the lace base. It is very natural. The hairs look as if they are growing from your own scalp. The technique of this ventilation is very complicated. It requires highly skilled knotting work and takes much longer time to produce. For this reason, the cost is higher than other ventilation method but the result is absolutely is worth the cost.

The ventilation process of Silk top:
First, the hair is knotted on the scalp side with single knots on the lace. Please note that the lace applied on silk top is not French lace because it will be covered by silk mono after the unit is finished and will not show. We choose of the very durable lace for silk top. Second, the hair is pulled out through the upper base (silk mono) on the hair side. Therefore, the knot is hidden under the upper base (silk mono). When the ventilation is finished, the base one layer of diamond mono is added on the scalp side to cover the knots. The makes the scalp side of the base smooth and comfort. Some clients just don’t want the third layer of mono because they don’t want the base too thick. In this case we just do two layers of silk top for them.

If what you really want is a very natural appearance with lace material and do not mind the higher price, then injected lace is your best choice.

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