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Sometimes customers may be confused by skin, PU with gauze and PU coated bases. Actually they are completely different bases.

Skin can be classified into three types: thin skin, medium thickness skin and thick skin.

Thin skin has a thickness range of 0.03mm-0.10mm. We call 0.03mm ultra thin skin, our stock piece HS25 has a 0.03mm ultra thin skin thickness. We also supply stock pieces HS1, HS1-V, HS1-INS and LIT with ultra thin bases.

Medium thickness skin refers a thickness from 0.12-0.14mm.

Thick skin refers to a thickness from 0.16-0.18mm.

PU with Gauze is created by brushing a layer of poly on a net.

PU Coated bases involves attaching a layer of French lace or fine mono with Poly to a PU gauze.

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