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Most of customers usually like the 100% human hair toupee or wig, but some customers may want to order the synthetic hair toupee or wig also. We use Kanekalon for synthetic hair. Kanekalon is the best synthetic hair for toupees and wigs.  Do you know the advantage and disadvantages of Synthetic hair?
1. Synthetic hair would not fade color, and also can not be dyed.
Synthetic hair comes in many colors like human hair, but it is not able to be dyed.  Also the hair color would not fade.  The color will remain the same always.  That’s why some customers like to choose synthetic hair instead of human hair. 
It is very good to use synthetic hair for grey hair (white hair).  Human grey hair is easy to become yellow after long period of time, while synthetic grey will keep good color.  If the toupee or wig is made with human hair for base color and synthetic for grey, then you can dye the base color and the synthetic grey would not be dyed.
2. Synthetic hair wig can not be with bleached knots.
The French lace, Swiss lace or Welded Mono hair system can be made with bleached knots. Some clients demand us to make bleached knots on the base. But please be noted, the bleached knots only can be used on the human hair. If your hair type is synthetic, unfortunately, it can not bleached knots, because synthetic could not be dyed or bleached.
3. The knots of synthetic hair would be fine. 
As you know,  we can make single knots and double knots.  Single knot is with small knot, but not strong.  Double knot is with bigger knot, but strong.  For human hair, for example, on French lace, we need to do double knots, otherwise, the knot will be easy to loose and cause hair loss.  But synthetic hair can be made with single knot, because synthetic hair is not so smooth as human hair and it will not be easy to loose knots.  Single knot will be strong enough for synthetic hair. 
4. Synthetic hair of Kanekalon maintain wave curls very well, but could not resist high temperature as human hair.  So please don’t perm it with so high temperature as human hair.  And don’t air blow it with high temperature. 
Synthetic Hair can also be made as a high quality hair products. Blow is the picuture for a hair toupee with synthetic grey hair:

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