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Sometimes, we need to order synthetic hair for our hair toupees.  For example, to avoid the grey hair color problem when re-coloring our hair toupees, we need choose synthetic grey hair.  Some clients like to add some synthetic hair on the back and sides to avoid tangle issues caused by rubbing during our sleep.  Some clients just like full synthetic hair toupees.  When our hair toupees are over 30% synthetic grey hair, you need to know how to take care of your synthetic hair curl in right way.


Normally, the curls of hair toupees for men are made before being knotted on the base.  We put the hair on curlers and chemically treat it.


But when the hair toupee has a lot of synthetic hair, it needs be curled again after the hair is knotted on the base.  When synthetic hair in it, chemicals can’t be used. Actually, synthetic hair is very easy to curl.  You just need to use a curling iron to make the curl.  Just be careful, the temperature can’t be over 80 degree centigrade.


Just as synthetic hair is easy to curl, it also loses curl easily. Sometime, clients complain about the lack of curl after they wear the piece for some time or wash it.  But don’t worry, you just need to use your curling iron to redo the curl.  It will back easily.


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