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The Difference between Skin and Lace


French lace and super thin skin are the most popular toupee bases and some customers ask “what’s the difference between skin and lace?"


There is no big difference as the lifespan for both skin and lace is around 3-6 month. However, if you order a skin base thicker than 0.10mm the lifespan will be longer.


Knots used on French lace are single split knots and double knots. Knots used on skin  are single split knots, V-looped and injected. V-looped and injected have no knots as such so the bases look super natural.



 French lace is soft, thin, most important, it has holes that make it breathable. French lace is a better choice if you live in a warm climate or over summer. Thin skin is like your own scalp and when you wear a skin base toupee the hair looks just like its growing out of your own scalp. However, without the holes of lace, it is not breathable like lace. Although some customers ask us to punch holes in the base to aid breathability and we are happy to do this for you.

Making your choice

Frankly speaking, there have no exact advantages and disadvantages for lace and skin, it more depends of your needs and preferences.  If lace is suit for you, then lace is best and if skin is suit for you, skin is best.

The advice is to try them both and decide what from experience which system best suits your needs.

If you have any other questions please contact me . I am always here happy to help.

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