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Many customers love skin base hairpieces, because they are easy to be attached, can be cut into any size easily and the transparent skin base also has a very natural look and feel.  The skin base hairpieces have three types:  normal split knotted hair, V-looped hair, and Injected hair.  Now let’s introduce the advantages and disadvantages of them, so that can help customers to choose the most suitable hair replacement system accordingly.  
Skin base with normal split knotted hair one of the most traditional hairpiece products.  The hair was ventilated into the skin base and tied with a small knots.  The hair has knots on base, but not big, just small knots.  The life span of this hairpiece is the longest in these three types of skin base hairpieces.  The hair is lift and easy to be styled into any direction.
Skin base with V-looped hair:  The hair is ventilated into the base and pull through from the skin base.  The hair is just like “V” on skin base, without knots on base.  The hair was fixed by the poly coating on the bottom of the skin base after ventilation.  The hair is very natural like growing from the skin, because it don’t have any knots on base.  And the hair is lift and very easy to be styled/combed into any direction.  The lifespan is shorter than knotted system.  And the density could not be made more than medium.  Too much hair density would cause hair loss problem.  If you like lift hair, not too much hair density and care less on durability, V-looped hair would be the best choice.
Skin base with Injected hair:  The hair is injected into the skin base and no returned hair.  The hair is jut like “l” on skin base.  The hair root is ironed into the bottom of the skin base to fix the hair.  The hair is natural, with single hair growing from the skin base, no knots on base.  
The injected hair is flat, because the hair root was ironed into the skin base with an angle.  The hair could not be combed backward.  It is difficult to change the hair direction.  If you cut the hair very short and just comb hair forward as its hair direction, injected hair is your best choice.  If you like the hair to be lift, you should chose V-looped hair or knotted hair. 
The life span of injected hair is longer than V-looped hair, but a little bit shorter than knotted hair.  The hair density could not be more than Medium. 
Hope the information above would be helpful to you.  If you have any questions and suggestions when you are going to buy a hair replacement system, please feel free to contact us by email address  We would be so happy to receive any information from you.

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