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When it comes to European Hair, people usually associate soft and thin hair texture.  And people usually think European hair should be more soft and thin than Indian hair.  This is partly true.  I will clear this here.

European hair, just as its name implies, European people’s hair.  It just mean the hair’s origin, not the texture.  European hair often means virgin European hair.  The hair cut from one European people.  The hair ” top to  root” irection be keeped well.  And the most important,  the hairs are unprocessed without any chemical treatments.  It is very healthy and durable.  It has very good shine, even after many times washing.

Indian Hair includes Normal Indian Hair and Remy Indian Hair.  Normal Indian Hair is processed with some chamical treatments to make the hair soft, silk and with good shine.  But when it after some times washing(But after several round of washing ) , its shine will be not so good as previous one.  And it is also not so healthy as virgin hair.  Remy Indian Hair, just like all other kinds of remy hair, the hair’s ” top to root” direction be keeped well.  The hairs are just processed with a little bit chemical treatment.  It is healthy and durable too.

Each European people’s hair has different texture, like hair thickness and softness.  Usually, darker European hair is thicker and lighter European hair is thinner.  However, most Indian people’s hair is almost similar.  Moreover, due to the chemical treatment, sometimes, Indian hair will be more soft, silk and thin than European Hair.  So if you want soft, silk and thin hair texture, Indian Hair is also a good choice.  Of course, if you just want the healthy and durable hair, then European Hair is very suitable for you.  And you also can mark ” soft silk and thin European Hair” to let us know what European Hair texture you want.  We will try our best  to pick up thinner European hair to fit your requirement.

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