Why does it look like there are bare spots on my hair system?
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Recently, we got some feedback about our hair system, especially about those with bleach knots, asking about what looked like bare spots.  These are not actually bare spots left during the production process. Here we’ll explain why.


We always make sure our technicians use only very small knots when constructing hair system, the natural look is heighten with less hair strands per knot which are then bleached.

When one knot has more hair strands, for example 2-3 hair strands per knot, the knots appear bigger and more invisible. However if one strand loosens the others with remain as the knot stays attached to the base. With one strand per knot, if the strand loosens so will the knots, leaving a bare spot.

What is perceived is a bare spot can also be an important part of a realistic design. Knots on silk nets are not even.  Technicians do this on purpose because a straight line looks unnatural because real hair patterns are irregular. Neat knots line will make the piece unnatural.  So what sometimes looks like a bare spot is actually part of a natural looking hairline.

We hope this explains that what look like bare spots are not created by careless knotting but by production methods designed to give you the best looking hair systems


If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me email sales3@newtimeshair.com

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