Why Lace Bases are So Popular with Wearers?
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  • When my clients ask me, "How do I know if Why Lace Bases are So Popular with Wearers? is right for me?" I recommend lace material because it can help achieve a perfectly natural look and is definitely the most popular.

    Advantages of lace as your base material:

    1) Natural Look

    The addition of bleach knots all over heightens the natural effect even more.

    2) Comfortable Feel

    Unlike other net materials, lace is very soft and comfy. Think about the the comfort of a nice cotton shirt compared to a polyester one.

    3) Breathable

    Lace is light and airy which means it stays cool all day long.

    4) Easy to Attach and Remove

    We also provide special lace tape for attachment which makes it easy and fast.

    While this is a wonderful base material it also has the disadvantage of being the least durability. The fiber is natural and delicate so it simply won't last as long as other materials. You need to figure out was is more important for you, the natural look and comfort or durability.

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