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As a professional hair products manufacturer, Newtimes Hair creates high quality custom wigs for men and women in different styles. Today, we’d like to introduce different layer lengths.

Bob style (no layers):  A Bob style means that all the hair is cut evenly to one length with neat tips.  If you want 10” Bob style,  then the hair at the top will be 10”, the hair at the back will be less than 10”, maybe 8” or shorter, and the length at the nape of the neck will be the shortest. In any case, the finished hair will be 10”.

Long layers:  If a customer placing a custom order has no specific requirements, we usually cut in long layers.  All the hair is of the same length at the crown, back and nape area.  This means that in some areas the finished hair length will be longer than 10”, anywhere up to 14”.

The picture below illustrates the difference between non layers and long layered styles:


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email: wig@newtimeshair.com

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