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Most of customers would like to cooperate with professional manufacturer. Recent years, our Newtimeshair contantly improve ourselves and form a priliminary system for custom made hair replacement.

First, the market department receive the customers’ order. They will confirm every specifications of customers’ orders are all no problem. It may takes some times and need repeating email between our customer service and customers.

Then, if all of the specifications are no problem, we have special translation officer for translating the foreign words to Chinese words for the orders. Translation officer will carefully and accurately translate every details.  During this step, because our translation officer is also very professional on hair replacement, they may find some unreasonable places on the order. And they will immediately to contact the marker department to solute the unreasonable places.

After the order translation, the order will be given to production department. Workers will produce it as soon as possible. We also have skilled merchandiser to track the production process for customers.

When the hair replacements are finished, our experienced QC will check the quality before we ship it. If QC find any faults from the hair replacements, they will return back the products to the workshop for repairing it until the quality is OK.

If the quality of the products is no problem, then we will send the hair products to customers. About the Express company,  Fedex, DHL, UPS, EMS, RPX, TNT… all of the famous Express company are available.

The above is the complete process of us.

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