About NewTimes Hair

NewTimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD is one of the leading wholesalers of high-end human hair replacement products. We focus on manufacturing all our products to the highest quality and providing a professional service to our clients...

Our Aim

We manufacture men’s and women’s hair replacement systems. Our progression over the years has enabled us to diversify our product range. We offer a variety of hair system base materials including Ultra-Thin Skin, Injected Skin, Swiss lace...

Our Values

We believe in helping people who have been impacted by baldness or hair loss change their lives. When customers wear our hair systems, we want them to feel empowered and have the confidence to live their life without having to feel self-conscious of their..

Why Choose Us?

The hair replacement industry is a competitive market, therefore, it is important to use as a wholesaler, to produce the highest quality products to meet your requirements.At Newtimes Hair we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have a ..

Our team & How we work together

New Times Hair works collaboratively with all the teams within our company. As a wig manufacturer distributor, it is important to communicate effectively. Our company is divided into two physical locations, the head office, and the factory. The head office is responsible for all client-based work whereas the factory focuses on the production of wholesale wigs from China...

Apply now for requirement

We’re always happy to receive calls from businesses looking for wig manufacturers and distributors. If you’ve been searching for human hair wig manufacturers, please contact us. As a supplier of wholesale wigs from China, we have the resources to be your partner out of the many wholesale wig vendors in the market. If you’re looking for trusted wig manufacturers distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us.