If you are a qualified hairstylist or salon owner or able to create something, you can get a free hair system or wig from New Times Hair and try it out. In exchange, we just need you to provide a product review, video tutorials, photos, etc., that will show your experience with our product.

  • Your Experience Matters to Others

New Times Hair is a thriving company. We really appreciate the support and positive feedback from our loyal clients. Thousands visit our site daily, enquiring about our hair systems and wigs. The clients’ voices matter! All our clients are keen on hearing other clients’ opinions about our products. We sincerely hope that you are a perfect candidate to help us out. Together, we will be able to provide the most integrated information about hair systems, wigs, and extensions to those who are interested.

  • Your Review Will Help Others Decide

Our main goal is to get honest feedback about our products so that we can help our customers have a great shopping experience and show people who are new to the industry and want to know what to do how to do it. Hence, your reviews, video clips, photos are super helpful to millions out there! Your experience and opinions will inspire all viewers and help them start a whole new life.


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