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International Industries Co. LTD, located in Qingdao China, is a professional manufacturer specializing in hair products for over ten years. Our products range in top quality men’s hair replacement systems, lady’s wigs and hair extensions. Both high quality human hair and synthetic hair are available.

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Blogs by New Times Hair

Full Lace Hair System Daily Maintenance Tutorial

Full lace toupee maintenance

A full lace hair system maintenance tutorial from our brand ambassador Dan and a brief on how he is playing his part in the hair system world···


How to Dye the Hair Color of a Full Lace Toupee into Dark

dye hair into dark

A detailed hair system tutorial about the most effective way to have the light hair color of a full lace toupee dyed into dark color #1A.


Do Toupees Fall off and What to Do If It Stops Stick?

does toupee fall off new times hair

A big concerns wearers have about toupees is whether they’ll fall off and how to make sure they don't fall off. Get your answer in this blog!


Main Factors That Highly Influence Hair System Prices

A brief roundup of the most significant factors that determine the price of hair wigs.


How to Cut Hair System Front Contour from CC to A

A detailed hair system tutorial about the most effective way to have CC front contour cut into A-shaped one of hair systems


8 Ingredients in Shampoo that Cause Hair Loss

There are a variety of reasons that can cause hair loss, harmful ingredients present in your shampoo and conditioner is a reason that people···


How Long Do Hair Systems Last And Maintenance Tips

How long does hair system last

The maintenance process of hair systems can be very tricky. ‘How long does the hair system last?’ is a big question that many of our···


Why It Matters to Have Gray Hair in the Hair Systems of Many···


Check out this article to get well-informed of the dynamics between gray hair and your hair systems.