2020: Men’s Best-Selling Gray Hairpieces

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2020: Men’s Best-Selling Gray Hairpieces

Are you on the lookout for a gray hair system for your customers? We have 8 different kinds of stock gray hairpieces for men in our current inventory. Six of these systems have a medium-light hair density; HS25, HS1, HS1R, HS7, HS7R, and the Q6. Two of these stylish units have a medium hair density; the HS27 and HS27+. Read on to learn more about each individual system!


First, let’s take a look at our medium-light hair density stock gray hairpieces for men.


HS25 – V

The HS25-V is our most popular and best-selling hair system, we largely accredit its success to its undetectability. The base consists of 0.03mm ultra-thin skin with V-looped hair all over. The V-loop ventilation technique leaves the base knotless so it gives the illusion of the hair growing directly out of the wearers' scalp. The ultra-thin skin base means the hair system is soft, delicate and light; the lifespan of the HS25-V is around one month. If your customers place undetectability over longevity, then the HS25-V is the best choice for them!


The HS25-V comes in 25 different color options, 14 are with synthetic gray hair. For detailed color information, check out this link: https://www.newtimeshair.com/hs25-ultra-thin-skin-0-03mm-v-looped-stock-toupee/. Each color has a corresponding picture, this allows you to accurately decide on the correct color match for your client.


HS1 and HS1R

Our prestigious HS1 system comes complete with 0.08mm thin skin all over. This is thicker than the skin on the HS25-V.  We use the V-loop ventilation method along the front of the hair system, and single split knots elsewhere. These knots enhance the durability of the HS1. We achieve a stunning natural hairline on the HS1 with the help of a ½” V-looped front.

If your customer is looking for a durable skin base with natural gray hair, we suggest recommending the HS1 system to them. The HS1 comes in a wide variety of colors with silver gray hair, these include: 1B05#,1B10#,1B20#,1B30#,1B40#,1B50# and 205#.
Please see more here: https://www.newtimeshair.com/hs1-super-thin-skin-0-08mm-stock-hair-replacement/


The HS1R is similar to the HS1 expect that the HS1R uses Indian Remy hair and the HS1 incorporates normal Indian human hair. As you may already know, Remy hair is of a very high quality. It is cut straight from the donor’s head, so all of the cuticles are intact and the hair runs in the same direction. As a result, Remy hair is more durable and long-lasting than normal Indian human hair.


HS7 and HS7R

The HS7 and HS7R are lace hair systems, both systems have a base that consists of French lace all over. These two models are very popular amongst our customer base, if your clients are seeking a lace hairpiece with natural gray hair, then consider recommending these systems to them.


French lace is very soft, thin, fine and lightweight. The small hexagonal holes contained within the lace allow the base material a high degree of breathability, this makes it ideal for wearers who exercise regularly, or for end wearers who live in hot climates and humid conditions.


We use single split knots on the HS7, as well as zig zag hairline to ensure the system is incredibly natural-looking and truly undetectable. We use bleached knots all over the HS7 (apart from on colors #1 and #1A). Double split knots are used on the rest of the system to ensure the longevity and durability of the hairpiece.


The HS7R is very similar to the HS7, the main difference between the two systems is the type of hair used. The HS7 uses normal Indian human hair whilst the HS7R contains Remy hair.


Please find the two links for the HS7R and the HS7 below. You can even check out the different colors available with natural gray hair here:

HS7: https://www.newtimeshair.com/hs7-full-french-lace-base-with-lace-front-male-realistic-toupee-hairpiece/

HS7R: https://www.newtimeshair.com/indian-remy-hair-system-full-french-lace-stock-toupee/



The Q6 hair system has an intricate base design of French lace in the middle and clear PU along the back and sides of the hairpiece. French lace allows the Q6 a high degree of breathability, durability and undetectability. We use bleached knots on the French lace part of the system to ensure the front hairline looks flawless and natural. The PU along the back and sides makes attachment and removal of the system easy and convenient. If your customer is looking for durable and natural gray hairpieces with PU along the back and sides, then the Q6 is the best system for them.


More details and color choices are available in the following link: https://www.newtimeshair.com/q6-med-light-density-french-lace-with-pu-sides-stock-mens-toupee/


There are a further two stock models with gray hair for men in a medium hair density. If your customer wants a durable, long-lasting, and natural-looking medium density gray hairpieces for men, then the following systems are very suitable for them. Both have wider PU portions in the base, which you can easily cut to the correct size to fit your clients' head perfectly.



The HS27 has a very beneficial base design. It consists of fine mono with a skin gauze front and a PU coating along the back and sides. Single split knots are used along the PU sections of the unit and double split knots are used on the fine mono to enhance and ensure the longevity of the HS27. The scalloped front works to enhance the natural appearance of the unit. They are many colors available with silver gray hair. These include: 1B10#, 1B20#,1B40#, 210#,220#,240#,310#,320#,340# ,410#,420# and 440#.



The HS27+ has a base made up of fine mono with a skin gauze perimeter, complete with 1” of French lace at the very front of the hair system. The HS27+ is a highly durable system thanks to the fine mono and skin gauze. Bleached knots are used on the front lace part of the unit to make sure that the front hairline is very natural-looking. The stock colors available are the same as with the HS27 (as above).


Please see this link for further details: https://www.newtimeshair.com/hs27-fine-mono-lace-front-base-mens-toupee-in-stock/


All of our stock hairpieces use human hair for the darker colors and synthetic Kanekalon hair for the gray hair on the systems. Kanekalon gray hair is widely recognized as the most suitable synthetic hair for the production of a high-quality hairpiece. This hair type has many advantages, Kanekalon hair isn’t colored so your end wearers can re-dye the hair with ease. If your client really wants human gray hair, then we can customize an order to meet their specific needs as we can easily produce grey human hair wigs.


We hope you have enjoyed our introduction and guide to our best-selling stock gray hairpieces for men. We hope this will enable you to order the right gray hairpieces for your valued customers.


Cherry is responsible for the sales and aftersales of all New Times Hair products. Her expertise with hair systems include ventilation methods, base materials and patterns and hair types. She has high attention to detail and ensures all customers receive their orders accordingly. Her positive attitude and hard work is recognized within our company and with customers.


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