3 Simple Steps to Install and Style a Silk Hair Topper

Today, we’d like to share how we installed and styled a women’s hair topper on someone who came to our office.

Wendy’s friend Chen has thinning hair on the top of her head which has troubled her for a long time. When she heard that we had hair toppers for women which can put an end to this problem, she couldn’t wait to come and give one a try!

We chose our stock ST6*7 hair topper with 8” hair in a natural color (which can be dyed to any color afterward) on the basis of the size and pattern of her thinning hair. Silk tops give a very realistic appearance. Chen was happy with how the topper looked when we placed it on her head so we began the installation process. Here are the steps you need to take:

First, install the topper correctly and adjust it to the position that the client prefers. Then, fix it gently with clips. (Make sure the client isn’t experiencing any discomfort with the clips on their scalp).

Then cut the hair and thin it out to make it blend in naturally with the client’s own hair. Cut a cute fringe if she requires.

Next, perm the hair and style it. Use a perm rod to create curls one layer after one. (Do not let it/them overheat in case it/they damage the natural hair).

All done! Look how natural it looks! No one will be able to tell Chen is wearing a hair topper.

This topper covered the exact area of Chen’s thinning hair and her own gray hair, making the top of her head fluffy. Even though Chen’s own hair is longer than that of the topper, our hairstylist thinned the hair on her temples and sides to make it blend well with her own hair to create a natural look. So, you can also consider different hair lengths for your clients’ hair systems and then trim them for a more natural effect.

You can see a big, confident smile that just wasn’t there when Chen came in. We were very happy to have played a part in this transformation for Chen.

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