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31 Most Famous Hairstylists& Salons

Speaking of how to get more creative and trendy hairstyle inspirations, whether you are a salon owner or hair wig seller, following the best hairstylists and salons of worldwide fame should always be a constructive way. These people are undoubtedly the role models for those in the hair industry to look up to, not only because of their exceptional skills and expertise, and more importantly, because of the way they make sense for their profession, as well as their ever-lasting passion they have for creating positive impacts on people’s lives through their dedications.

Worldwide speaking, there are tens of thousands of extraordinarily specialized and experienced elite hairstylists working in salons that offer various hair services to their local folks. All of them deserve to be included in the list of top hairstylists worldwide, even though most remain unknown and undistinguished. Despite that, we will have a discussion and introduction to some of the most influential and legendary hairstylists, as well as their salons, to see why they are so exemplary and peerless in this field.

Jose Eber

The 70 years old José Eber has made significant contributions to the hair industry over the last few decades. His iconic long hair and cowboy hat have left deep impressions on many who know him. His fame started as early as the 1970s, as he once did hairstyling jobs for many well-reputed celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, and Farrah Fawcett. He now runs a number of sizeable high-end hair salons, mainly in the U.S., even though he no longer has to perform the services himself. In addition, He launched his own hair products brand, Beauté Cheveux, which has been quite successful and widely recognized nationwide.


Instagram Account: @joseeberhair

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Kimberly Kimble

Kimberly’s career started almost three decades ago when she created her own portfolio working with household magazines such as “Vanity Fair, “ “Essence,” and “Vogue.” she even starred on WeTV’s reality show “L.A. Hair” for 5 seasons in 2012, before starting a new career of working with “Beyonce.” This 48-year-old owns a few very lucrative salons in California, aside from managing her own beauty brand “Kim Kimble Beauty.” 


Instagram Account: @kimblehaircare

Location: West Hollywood, California

Works at: Kimble Hair Studio

Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson started his career also by appearing in a T.V. show. It was called “What Not To Wear,” featuring contestants getting a makeover that included a new wardrobe and hairstyle. That is when he became recognized by some celebrities that craved his services, including Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Ashley Greene. Despite that, Ted decided to start his own salon to give more people the chance to enjoy his exceptional skills and creativity. So far, he has had tens of thousands of customers who are fans of his hair studio in L.A., California.


Instagram Account: @tedgibson

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: Starring by Ted Gibson

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell himself is one of the most renowned celebrities in the hair industry, with nearly half a million followers on social media. He used to work in the best salons in New York and London as a chief hairstylist, given how gifted he is in cutting and styling all kinds of hairstyles for both men and women. Later, he co-launched the first American chain salon with his partners. Paul is probably one of the most creative hairstylists one could ever know. He is highly obsessed with experimenting with new hairstyles and tries to have them popularized through mass media like newspapers and magazines wherever he can. What is more, he has made outstanding contributions in the field of hair care, primarily by playing the educational role of teaching people about the most efficient and helpful hair care routines.


Instagram Account: @paulmitchell

Location: the U.S. nationwide

Company: John Paul Mitchell Systems

Jen Atkin

Jen is probably nowadays the most famous and influential female hairstylist, with nearly 5 million followers on social media. She is also probably the hairstylist who has interacted with most global superstars. The Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and Bella Hadid are just a few examples of her massive client portfolio. Later, she co-founded her hair care line called OUAI in 2016, which has numerous branches across the world nowadays. In addition, Jen is the founder of the digital magazine “Maneaddicts” and a columnist for “Glamour Magazine.”


Instagram Account: @jenatkinhair

Location: Los Angeles, California

Brands: OUAI/Maneaddicts

Chris McMillan

Chris McMillan is a celebrity hairstylist who came to fame in the 1990s when he was known for “The Rachel,” the cut from the T.V. show “Friends.” What is more surprising is Chris is considered the inventor of the sexy beach wave look from the 2000s. He has also worked with several big names such as Miley Cyrus, Cindy Crawford, and Courtney Cox. And he started his salon, which is named after his own name in Beverly Hills, California, one of the local top-rated salons.


Instagram Account: @mrchrismcmillan

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Works at: Chris McMillan The Salon

Lacy Redway

As an outstanding braider in the hair industry, Lacy is one of the most sought-after hairstylists in Hollywood. She is exceptionally gifted in creating various women’s hairstyles perfectly and precisely. As many people do not know, Lacy embarked on her hairstyling career when she was only 14 years old. That is when she started dreaming of becoming a hairstylist in Hollywood. “I didn’t realize that what I was doing was anything different because it was something I was used to doing growing up. I didn’t realize my braiding was faster than most assistants at the time or that the technique was different. That for me was my big ‘wow a-ha’ moment like I have something that might be a little bit different or special.”, said Lacy in an interview.


Instagram Account: @lacyredway

Location: LA/NYC

Neal Farinah

Having always had a low profile, Neal was once a hairstylist for Beyoncé for 13 years. Neal immigrated from his native country Trinidad to the United States, dreaming of becoming one of the most famous hairstylists in the world. He became famous when he created Beyonce’s incredible hair masterpieces in the “Black is King” film. He intended to celebrate black beauty and heritage, saying: “To African women throughout history, hair was something spiritual. Your hairstyle represented your power.” Like many other famous hairstylists, Neal also opened his own salon in New York and launched his own hair product brand.


Instagram Account: @nealfarinah

Location: New York

Works at: Neal Farinah Salon

Jenny Cho

Like many other well-known hairstylists in the US, Jenny Cho is a Korean American hairstylist with a long experience working for Hollywood actresses. She is best known for her classic red-carpet looks. Her career started right after graduating from beauty school and working as an educator for Bumble and Bumble. It did not take long before Jenny started assisting on editorial shoots. She has styled many memorable red carpets looks for world superstars, including Charlize Theron, Scarlet Johansson, and Lucy Boynton, for the Oscars, movie premiers, and The Met Gala.


Instagram Account: @jennychohair

Location: Los Angeles, California

Tokyo Stylez

When she was just a child, her mother got incarcerated. That is why Tokyo quit school at only 11 years old and set foot in the hair industry to sustain her family. She started by doing hair extension services at first and gradually tried to design wig products as she got more experienced and knowledgeable in this field. Today, she has designed wigs for many public figures like Kylie Jenner. Despite that, she has never stopped doing hairstyling jobs, primarily for public figures and socialites. In November 2019, Tokyo began transitioning from male to female, documenting the gender transition on Instagram.


Instagram Account: @tokyostylez

Location: US nationwide

Guy Tang

As a Chinese American hair star, Guy has been dedicated to documenting his incredible hairstyling journey on Instagram and YouTube. His video channel, which has over two million subscribers and over 160 million views, is full of practical and informative tutorials, transformations, and inspirations. Despite that, he has his own hair studio called “Salon Republic,” which is widely recognized in his local area. Besides, He launched his own color line, “mydentity,” mainly sold to other hair professionals. Other than natural hair colors, his line also covers signature toners in rose gold and lavender shades.


Instagram Account: @guy_tang

Location: West Hollywood, California

Works at: Salon Republic

Rita Hazan

Unlike many famous hairstylists, Rita had a rather humble beginning when she embarked on her journey in the hair world as an assistant at only 17 years old. She spent the first ten years of her career at a local salon called “Manhattan’s Oribe salon.” Later she quit the job and opened her own hair and beauty salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In November 2006, the salon got relocated to a 6000 square foot space at 720 Fifth Avenue in New York City. In this expensive area, the socialites mostly settle. Besides, Hazan launched her hair care line in 2011. Her product line is often profiled in fashion and beauty magazines. Besides, she is a brand color expert for Sunsilk, a Unilever brand. She has been collaborating with the hair care line for over a decade.


Instagram Account: @ritahazan

Location: New York

Company: Sunsilk/Rita Hazan Salon

Serge Normant

Serge Normant is undeniably one of the fashion industry’s leading hairstylists. Top fashion magazines, like “Harper’s Bazaar,” “Elle,” and “Vogue” regularly invite her for cover sittings and fashion and beauty stories. Serge published her first book “Femme Fatale” in 2001. The book examines hairstyling throughout the 20th century. She published her second book “Metamorphosis” in 2004, aimed at transforming the looks of world-renowned actresses and models from the contemporary to the extraordinary. Serge currently runs two salons with John Frieda. Both salons are located in New York City.    


Instagram Account: @sergenormant

Location: New York


Christopher Pierce

With his mastery of brunettes, balayage, and reds, Christopher Pierce is the go-to colorist for those celebrities wishing to achieve a deeper hue. He has a unique specialty in richly colored darker hues, fabulous shades of vibrant red, and pastel blondes. He has been featured as a color expert in “Allure” Magazine. He once was the colorist for Christina Hendricks when she played the sultry redhead Joan Holloway on the hit-show Madmen. Other dark-haired celebrity clientele of his includes Michelle Monaghan and Megan Fox.


Instagram Account: @christopherpiercehair

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: Andy LeCompte Salon

Lori Goddard

Unlike many other famous hairstylists, Lori is known as one of the most well-recognized hair colorists in the industry. She has strong expertise in Smudge, Balayage, and Foilayage techniques. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all worked with her. She was once voted as “Best Hair Colorist” several times by publications “Allure” and “Vogue.” Goddard’s studio is located on the edge of Historic Hancock Park, just a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles’s La Brea Design District. “Hair is my canvas; achieving entwined reflective texture is my passion,” says Lori.


Instagram Account: @lorrigoddard_

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: The Studio

Kristin Ess 

Being a renowned hairstylist, Kristin Ess has worked with superstars such as Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Jenna Dewan Tatum. Aside from being an excellent hairstylist, she is also a master of the beach wave. Her work is light, beachy, and natural aesthetically, which has helped her gain fans and clients worldwide. You could easily find the most aesthetic photos of curls, braids, and highlights on her Instagram account. What is more, like many other famous hairstylists, Kristin has also created her own line of cruelty-free hair care products.


Instagram Account: @kristin_ess

Location: the U.S. nationwide

Brand: Kristin Ess Hair

Mara Roszak

Mara Roszak grew up in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, so she was exposed to a broad range of aesthetics when she was young. Like many other famous hairstylists in the US, Mara has a notable client base of celebrities, including Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Brie Larson. Her Instagram is home to a large number of awe-inspiring photos of star up-do’s and red carpet hairstyles. Therefore, Mara is the girl if you are looking for some glam hair inspo. As many would assume, Mara also has her own salon, which is among the top-rated ones in L.A.


Instagram Account: @mararoszak

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: Mara Salon

Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo became a top celebrity hairstylist when he moved from England to New York and began working with Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble, and Wella International. His celebrity clients include actors and supermodels such as Melissa Keller and Yamila Diaz. He started his own hair studio in downtown Manhattan in September 2001, the “Arrojo Studio,” consisting of Arrojo Education and Arrojo Product. Arrojo once starred for seven seasons in TLC’s ”What Not To Wear” and had an appearance in “Bravo’s Queer Eye.” He has several locations in New York City, where he still performs hairstyling services for many social elites and public figures.


Instagram Account: @nickarrojo

Location: New York, New York

Works at: Arrojo

Frédéric Fekkai

Like many other famous hairstylists in the US, Frédéric is not only a successful hairstylist but also a successful entrepreneur. He was born and raised in France and moved to New York to pursue his American dream at only 21 years old. Given how gifted and creative he is, he once had the chance to create hairstyles for models on catwalks and magazine covers. Later, he was lucky enough to cooperate with many superstars and styled hair for them. Kim BasingerJessica LangeSigourney Weaver, and even Hillary Clinton are a few of the big names that have once benefitted from his hairstyling mastery. After gaining considerable fame and recognition, he opened his own salons in L.A. and NYC that are always full of visitors. Besides, he also launched his own vegan hair product line featuring environmentally-friendly products.


Instagram Account: @fredericfekkai

Location: New York, New York

Works at: Ulta Beauty

Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton is undoubtedly one of the world-renowned celebrity hairstylists across the U.S., highly sought after by some of the superstars in music, entertainment, fashion, and advertising for his original and outstanding work. He was once voted a “Hair Star” by Vogue U.K. Appleton’s work has been showcased on covers and significant features for the top-tier magazines across the globe, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Grazia, L’Officiel Paris, and Singapore. His talent is enlisted by some of the largest and most iconic fashion houses for their seasonal shows, including Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Burberry. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, and Katy Perry are a few examples of his red carpet clients.


Instagram Account: @chrisappleton1

Location: US nationwide

David Raccuglia

Besides having opened several salons, David Raccuglia became a famous hairstylist for his innovative product line. Raccuglia started out his hairstyling career as a barber. There was once a time when hairdressing was marketed primarily toward women, and he noticed a lack of hair products for men. He then pioneered the market with his line of American Crew products for men in the 1990s, followed by a huge success.


Instagram Account: @david_raccuglia_photography

Horst Rechelbacher

As a top-rated hairstylist, Horst was born and grew up in Austria. He started as a hairdresser who went on to become a businessman and develop the “Aveda.”, a world-renowned cosmetics brand. He has always had a strong interest in the environmental impacts of hair products and was determined to create a line that would be free of unnecessary chemicals and toxins. Today Aveda is well-known for its cosmetology schools in addition to skin, makeup and hair products.


Instagram Account: @aveda

Location: the U.S. nationwide

Brand: Aveda

Vidal Sassoon

As a successful British hairstylist, businessman, and philanthropist, Vidal was famous for repopularising a simple, close-cut geometric hairstyle called the ”bob cut .”Film stars such as Mia Farrow, Cameron Diaz, and Helen Mirren have worn this hairstyle primarily for acting. His early life was in extreme poverty. He spent seven years of his childhood in an orphanage. He quit school at 14 years old, soon holding various jobs in London during World War II. His dream used to be to become a professional football player. Still, he became an apprentice hairdresser at his mother’s suggestion. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970s after developing a reputation for his innovative cuts. He opened the first worldwide chain of hairstyling salons, complemented by a line of hair-treatment products.


Andy Lecompte

Andy Lecompte, one of the most famed hairstylists in Los Angeles, was once named “L.A.’s most appointment-worthy and celeb-heavy beauty spot” by Vogue. He opened her own salon named after herself in 2008, offering a full range of services from cuts to color to personalized treatments. His Instagram is used as his portfolio, showcasing hairstyles he has done for celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus.


Instagram Account: @andylecompte

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: Andy Lecompte Salon

Tracey Cunningham

Tracey Cunningham is also a famous hairstylist to the public and some superstars. Her clients are among the most sought-after women on stage and screen, from Drew Barrymore to Charlize Theron to Toni Collette and Jennifer Garner. She has been at the forefront of the competitive hair arena for more than two decades, nurturing her talent at some of the most prestigious salons in L.A. until she opened her own salon, Mèche, in 2012. Cunningham’s work has graced the covers of magazines including Marie Claire, Instyle, and Allure. Cunningham currently lends her distinguished skills as a Redken Creative Consultant for Color and serves as Ambassador for the revolutionary hair product, Olaplex.


Instagram Account: @traceycunningham1

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: MèCHE Salon

Christophe Robin

As one of the most famous hairstylists, Christophe Robin opened several salons throughout Paris after making a name for himself as a renowned hair stylist in France. His product line, simply known as Christophe Robin, is regarded as one of the most high-end hair care lines on the market. Not surprisingly, his salon would be known for its luxurious services and cost.


Instagram Account: @christopherobinparis

Location: Paris, France

Justine Marjan

Justine Marjan is seen as both a beauty influencer and celebrity hairstylist. Having been a stylist for 15 years, she first started in the hair salon world before transitioning to celebrity and editorial styling, where she has been touted for creating some of the most trendsetting and iconic looks. Her expertise has been featured in countless publications, including Teen Vogue, Glamour, Allure, Elle, People Style, U.S. Weekly, Byrdie, and more. She was once called “The Queen of Braids” and named one of the “Pros Who Would Change the Way You Do Your Hair.” In 2017 Justine was named by WWD as one of fashion’s next big hairstylists, and she won the American Influencer Award for emerging hairstylists in 2018.


Instagram Account: @justinemarjan

Location: Los Angeles, California

Kiyah Wright

As one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the entertainment industry, Kiya is a multi-Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist and Beauty Authority. She has created the industry’s most sought-after hairstyles for celebrities such as Gabrielle Union, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson, Laverne Cox, and more. Her work can also be found gracing the pages of magazine covers, including Vanity Fair, Elle, Instyle, Vogue, and Essence. Moreover, she is a go-to makeover guru for Access Hollywood Live. Kiyah took a leap of faith and created her own line, MUZE|HAIR, after working with the best companies in town.


Instagram Account: @kiyahwright1

Location: New York

Brand: Muze|Hair

Scotty Cunha

Being a celebrity hairstylist, Scotty is also the co-founder of rosé rescue. From humble beginnings as a Starbucks barista, Scotty has climbed his ranks in the beauty and hairstyling world, touring with Miley Cyrus and styling for big magazine names. He is best recognized for his effortless cuts, styling, and long-lasting blow-dries. Stars like Nicole Richie, Kendal Jenner, and Kristin Cavallari are all among his clientele base for a while.


Instagram Account: @thescottycunha

Location: Los Angeles, California

Works at: Andy Lecompte Salon

Who are your favorite famous hairstylists mentioned above? Are there any other well-known hairstylists you want to share with us? Comment below to let us know!

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