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Dear Customers,

It has been over two weeks since we last explained how the coronavirus is affecting our hair system production so we feel it is time we gave you an update. 

Firstly, on behalf of New Times Hair, I want to express my concern for you and your family. Up until recently, the virus was a Chinese issue but now the epicenter has moved to Europe and the virus has spread very quickly around the world. We are over the worst of the situation in China. Today our National Health Commission reported that there were no domestically transmitted cases of Covid-19 in China for the first time since late December. We have managed to get through a very tough six weeks and I believe you will too.



Second of all, I would like to tell you about the current situation with your orders. The majority of the hair replacement knotting sites in North Korea are still shut down. The border will continue to be closed for another month or longer. Whilst the orders sent to North Korea for hair ventilation prior to the onset of the coronavirus have been completed, they are stuck in the country because of the border closure. We have finished the bases and hair processing of other orders but we are waiting for the border to open before we can send them to be ventilated. Our ERP order management system is advanced enough to cope with this backlog of incomplete orders so you can rest assured that once the border opens, your orders will smoothly progress to the next stage of production. Remember that you also can check each of your orders on the Order Status Management System to find out the latest. 

We are all in this together but this situation will not last forever. As far as New Times Hair is concerned, we are all healthy. Financially, the company is in a strong place and there is no danger of the current situation having an adverse effect on the business. Your money will not be lost. At the same time, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, understanding and explanations to your clients.



Lastly, I would like to share with you what we did at home and at work to reduce the impact of the coronavirus over these past two months. This will hopefully also prepare you for the coming weeks.

  1. The first drastic measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus went into force on January 23rd in Wuhan. With subsequent restrictions then placed across the country, we were asked to cut ourselves off and remain at home. This lasted more than two weeks for people in Qingdao.  I saw this as valuable time that I would not ordinarily get to spend with my family. It is actually unusual for us to be able to spend such an extended period of time with each other. We played lots of games with our children and other family members. We also got very creative with our cooking and ended up putting on weight whilst we rode out the worst of the virus! It really is possible to have fun in lots of different ways in that kind of situation. Just don’t think about the virus that much.
  2. As you know, the government extended the Spring Festival holiday; however, we knew that we needed to carry on as much as possible for the sake of our clients around the world. So even though we could not be in the office or factory, we started to work from home. This allowed us to maintain contact with our clients and to respond to their questions. Maybe you have had to, or will have to, close your shop or business for a while but we hope that working from home will be a possibility for you. It will certainly help the morale of your customers to know that you can still carry on in these testing times.
  3. We went back to the office on February 10th and worked as normal from then. At that time, public transport was not operating as usual in Qingdao so we started carpooling as not everyone in the office was able to drive to work. We are very grateful to our colleagues who made sure others got to work and home again and kept them from unnecessary exposure to the virus.
  4. We purchased disinfecting equipment that we used on our hairpieces as well as on all the packages that we received. We felt this necessary. If this seems too much for your business then you could at least spray some alcohol or other liquid disinfector on the surface of any packages you receive.
  5. If you are unable to work from your usual place of work and there are still delivery possibilities then perhaps you could start selling online. During the lockdown in China, many businesses started selling their clothes, shoes, food, etc online through WeChat (a Chinese social media platform that is a cross between Facebook and WhatsApp). People very quickly became adept at selling this way.


The coronavirus is an unexpected challenge for all of us but we will tackle it together and together we will defeat it!

We will continue to be open with you about the latest on your orders and we will also share our experiences with you but in the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.


All the best



New Times Hair Manager


Niki joined New Times Hair in 2014. She brings a wealth of expertise in management to the company. Niki manages all the departments in our central office such as client services, production, marketing and many more. She works closely with New Times Hair’s larger clients including over 500 wholesalers, salons, clinics and e-commerce clients. Her abundance of knowledge gained over the 6 years spent in the hair replacement industry has allowed her to work on over 100 base designs for clients alongside over 50 cases working with production issues.


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