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Category: About Hair Loss & Thinning Hair


Is Tim Mcgraw Bald? Does He Wear A Toupee?

Tim McGraw is one of the well-known country music artists in the world. His down-to-earth character and soulful voice have gained him legions of followers. Some country music lovers may be unaware of Tim McGraw’s existence, but that is about to change. This vocalist has been performing for over two decades and shows no signs

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Why Does COVID-19 Cause Hair Loss and How to Deal With It?

Overview As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, reports for hair loss cases skyrocketed. Patients were experiencing hair loss during the infection or shortly after healing. This story become viral when the Hollywood star, Alyssa Milano, posted a video talking about how she lost her hair after catching the virus. Scientifically speaking, the Centers

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Why My Hair Wig is Shedding and How to Stop it Effectively

If you have ever worn hair wigs at any point in your life, you must have experienced hair wig shedding to some degree. If you are running a hair wig business, you must have dealt with many customers who complain about hair shedding problems of the wigs you sold them. Yes, just like our natural

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chemicals in shampoo that cause hair loss

8 Ingredients in Shampoo that Cause Hair Loss

We all experience hair loss at some point. Sounds incredible, right? However, it is the truth. On average, we have about 100,000 hairs on our heads and could lose up to 100 of them in a day. But if you are experiencing thinning or balding, it means that you have severe hair loss.  There are

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male celebrities wearing toupees

21 Male Celebrities Wearing Toupees Due to Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that most males will experience in their lives. According to the American Hair Loss Association, some U.S. males start experiencing hair loss or hair thinning from the age of 21. Going bald is natural and inescapable for some people. Even the sexiest guys on the planet, like male or female celebrities,

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Hair Loss Causes and Solutions

Hair Loss Causes and Solutions It is normal to shed a certain amount of hair every day. If hair falls out in more significant amounts than usual, it can cause distress and worry. While male and female pattern baldness is a primary cause of hair loss, there is a range of other reasons. A doctor will want to

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