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If you want to make a hair system that looks natural and comfortable, it is very important to choose a suitable base for the hair system.  The photo below is our base material chart.  You can see there are many kinds of base materials such as poly, lace, mono and integration and so on. This article introduces the main characters of base materials commonly used in hair system bases.  We hope that this blog can help you choose the right hair system bases for your customers. 


Ⅰ. Poly or Skin Hair System

Poly hair systems are popular with many customers as poly is natural, especially thin skin. Furthermore, poly hair systems are easy to take care of and poly is more sticker with tape than lace.  There are three kinds of poly: clear poly, poly with gauze and poly coating.

      1. Clear poly

Obviously clear poly looks transparent in appearance. It is thinner than the other two kinds of leather. The clear poly is divided into several types according to the thickness.








about one month



About two month


 knots or inject

about 2-3months



about 3months



about 3-4months

The thinner the skin, the more natural the skin hairpiece is.  Moreover, for ultra thin skin like 0.03mm thickness can only use the V-loop method.  V-loops make the hairpiece look more natural as it has no knots and it is invisible. For customers who have high natural requirements and don't care about the lifespan and budget, ultra thin poly hair replacement is definitely a good choice. That's why our stock HS25 toupee (V-loop hair all over on 0.03mm ultra thin skin base) is very popular with our customers. However, you should also pay attention to the density and length required by customers. If the customer needs long hair or the large density is more than 100%, you need to choose a thicker poly base for the customer.

      2. Poly with gauze


As the name suggests, poly with gauze has a layer of gauze in the poly which increased the thickness and durability. Therefore, the poly with gauze is thicker and more durable than clear poly but thinner than poly coating.

      3. PU coating


Poly coating is the thickest kind of poly, so it is very strong and can hold heavy density and long hair, it is usually used in combination with lace or mono material. However, it is easy to be visible and we suggest to use under hair to cover the poly well like this.



Ⅱ.  Lace Hair System

Lace is a material similar to a mosquito net. It is light, natural and breathable, and lace is the only material which can have bleached knots. This is why lace hair system and lace front hair systems is very popular with our customers. The lace is thin and soft, so it is also relatively brittle, not very strong. We mainly have two kinds of lace- French lace and Swiss lace.  You can see their differences below:

Swiss lace: It is the finest and therefore the most undetectable of base materials. Being so fine, it is also the most delicate. It will therefore only last about 1 month. The largest density we can apply to the Swiss lace is 100%.
French lace: It is only a little bit thicker than Swiss lace but you can barely tell the difference. As a result, it is a little bit more durable than Swiss lace. The HS7 stock model is full French lace base. The largest density we can do in French lace is 140%. The lifespan is about 3-4 months.



Ⅲ.  Mono

There is four kinds of mono used commonly.

Fine mono: Fine mono is one of the most commonly used base materials. It is breathable and very durable, so it can hold a large density. When using mono as the base of a hair system, the ribbon or poly must be attached to the edge.

Super Fine mono: Super fine mono is basically the same as fine mono, except that the net is smaller than fine mono.


Fine mono has very small holes, and it is not easy to clean. Therefore, customers who want to use fine mono bases, we suggest to carefully clean it to prevent corrosion of hair roots such as glue and conditioner oil, and to reduce the lifespan of hair piece.

Silk mono


Silk mono is more like a layer of tulle, it is very soft, usually used under the silk top. Thus it can make the customer more comfortable to wear. As you know silk top hair system is very natural as the ventilation is inject lace.  However after knotting The scalp’s side is hard and the customer is uncomfortable to wear if you don’t pay a layer of silk mono. Sometimes diamond net is used under the silk top, diamond net is also soft and very comfortable.

Fine welded mono: fine welded mono has lots of holes but it is square shaped, so we can distinguish lace and mono lace through this feature. It is also breathable and durable, so some customer choose it as a base. 



Ⅳ. Integration


Integration bases can also cover the top of the head, but they solve a different issue. Integration material is mainly used by women who have thinning hair or partial baldness. An integration base allows a woman draw her own hair through integration holes and use clips to fasten on the head. This gives a natural appearance and more volume.


Ⅴ. Elastic net

Elastic net is mainly used on the base of women's hair system without tape or glue. Elastic net allows to adjust the size of the base to fit customer's size.



In summary, each material has its own characteristics. Choosing the right hair system base depends on the customer's needs, budget and expectations for appearance, comfort and so on. Being familiar with the characters of base material is especially important for you to increase your business and service customers. More details about base material you can contact us: .


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