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What to consider when choosing a hair replacement systems to wear? The most important feature to consider is the bottom of the net. Hair and curvature, as well as hair color, are secondary. It is still the bottom of the net that determines the customer's wearing experience.

Different people have different needs. In addition, they have different preferences, each person wearing a hairpiece is mainly based on their own physiological needs. Many customers like a base design, but it does not mean that the customer is really suitable to wear that one. It is well known that the right one is the best. We are writing this article to explain more specifically and comprehensively how to choose the most suitable style. We will tell you the differences between the skin and the lace base? What kinds of leather are there?

Firstly, what is the best suitable hairpiece? I think the most important feature should be comfortability. However, there are people who would put a natural look first. The other important section is the span life. For hair replacement systems, life span and natural effect can't all be good at the same time. So, if we want to select the best to wear, we need to find a balance between the two points. Mostly, we will select a hairpiece according to the weather of the customer's hometown. Especially in special climatic regions.

Often, we suggest customers choose thin and breathable hair replacement systems if they live in tropical climates all year-round. That because the oil secreted by our body persists on the base of the hairpiece for a long time or too much. Then the hairpiece will become weaker and easier to break. Thin skin men's hairpieces not only make the fit more comfortable, but also makes the hair life more stable.


For thin skin base, HS25 and HS1-V are in stock for immediate shipment.


HS25 is Ultra-thin skin (0.03mm) and it is V-loop all over. In stock, we just have medium light and grey wholesale synthetic hair wigs. If a customer needs a 0.03mm skin base and human grey hair, we could make a custom order. At present, for HS25 grey hair we have 1B10# 1B20# 1B40#210# 220# 240# 310# 320# 340# 420# in our stock. This style is very natural and breathable. It is very suitable for people living in the tropics, however, thin skin is easy to break. Generally, HS25 just can last around one month. If a customer needs long span life, we also have HS1-V. This one is 0.06mm skin base and it could last around two months. Although, for this stock piece, we just have #610 grey percentage. Compared to the HS25, the HS1-V is just is a little thicker and the other details are the same.


There is also the INS and HS1 in stock, they are all 0.08mm skin, however, they have different knot styles. INS has injected hair all over, on the other hand, the HS1 is V-looped in the front 1/2" hairline and the rest of the areas are single split knots. Different knot styles have different effects. The HS1 has a natural hairline due to the V-Looped and single split knots which are more durable than injected hair. However, the injected hair of INS is very natural. It is like our own hair. In stock, the HS1 has more color choices. And INS just has #1, #1B and #2. If customers are convenient for time and price, we can also do custom hairpieces for them. Customers just need to tell us what base they like. In this way, men could elect more suitable hair systems. 



So is it possible for all customers to use very thin styles? For very thin skins, we can only do the medium density. If you need a lot of hair, but also want a breathable hair system. We will consider HS7 and Australia and Q6.


These models can meet the needs of both breathable and big hair density. The HS7 is all French lace base and it has good bleached knots all over. Then we have 5%,10%,20%,30%,40%,50% grey hair with #1,#2,#3,#4 in our stock. What's more, there is Australia in stock for immediate shipment. It is French lace with 1”PU around the perimeter. And it has five different sizes. HS7 just has 8”*10”whilst Australia just has #1B in stock. If customers need a French and PU base at one time, we will also suggest Q6. Q6 is a french lace with clear PU on sides and back. Q6 is bleached in front and crown. Men mostly like to brush hair back, so bleached knots are very useful. Importantly, it has two sizes of medium-light density. And the color is more than in Australia. Also, Q6 has a medium-density style in stock. For medium density, we prepare #1B for customers. For these lace bases, we could do more densities than ultra skin base. If customer need the density over medium, we could use the base of HS7, Australia, and Q6 to make a custom order.



If customers need thinning hair systems for early hair loss, we can also customize lighter densities. But we mostly suggest skin base. Even though ultra-thin skin toupee has a short life span and is a little expensive, the ultra skin is more suitable for light and extra light density. Skin base is very like our own skin and we can color the base according to customer's requirements. For example brown, flesh and dark brown. For convenience, customers could choose a stock hairpiece. But if they want more suitable and natural hair replacements, we strongly suggest making custom orders.


It is very important for us to choose the right and suitable hair replacement systems. However, at the same time, we also need to wear the hairpiece in the right way and maintain them carefully. Only in this way, we could make sure the span life of the hair system. Different styles require different methods of care, but the basic method of care is unchanged. We recommend that you use a large wide-toothed comb or soft 100% boar bristle brush to comb/brush your hair system. By doing this you remove each tangle one at a time and avoid placing unnecessary tension on the knots. Comb/brush your hair every day to prevent tangles. This also helps prolong the life span of your hair systems. Only brush your hair system when it is completely wet or completely dry.


If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. It is my pleasure to help you.

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