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Color-tone of Hair System

Making appropriate hair color of hair systems for clients is a basic requirement for hair system manufacturers.  There are different color tones for hair color. Reddish tone and Ash Tone are the regular color-tone for hair color. \

Many customers would not like a hair toupee with a reddish tone. They will write us a special request in the email, for example, “4# color without any reddish-tone, very important!”. It is quite common in customers’ emails. Many customers care about the hair color without a reddish tone. If we make a reddish-tone color for them, we may lose these customers. In this case, we will make the hair color without a reddish tone for customers. We have the ability to remove the reddish tone from virgin human hair.

Ash tone hair is more popular because it looks more natural, close to real hair color.

We should be careful and strict during production. We will follow all the detailed specifications of customers.

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