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Some customers want best quality hair, but they don’t know how to choose. Today, I’d like to introduce our hair type for you:

Normal Indian hair, this the common hair, collected from different donors. The hair tip and hair root are not in same direction. For short toupee order, we suggest to use normal Indian hair. It’s won’t tangle after acid-treatment, it’s smooth without any cuticle left. For long hair, if you want beat quality, no tangle, no shedding, I suggest you try Mongolian remy hair, it’s our best quality long hair. Maybe some customer ask why not Indian remy hair? Frankly speaking, 90% Indian remy hair in China are not real Indian remy hair. Because the cost is very high and we are hard to buy it, most of Indian remy hair are sold to Europe and American market. At present, we have Indian remy hair, but the longest finished hair length is 6". Mongolian remy hair is cut as braid hair from the young lady. The hair root and hair tip are all in same direction. It is just natural healthy hair without any process on it. Besides, we have European hair, but the longest hair length is also 6".

For European hair, I suggest to use the natural color, no dyed, no curl it, namely unprocessed European hair. Also, normal Indian hair and Chinese remy hair are avilable in our company.

Welcome to check our different quality hair.

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