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More and more customers, especially female customers, are turning to natural wigs to give themselves a new look. There are several factors that determine how natural a wig is such as cap material, hair density, hair color, hair direction and hair type. Today, we’d like to focus on the different hair types for women’s wigs.



There are three main types of hair for wigs for women: normal hair, Remy hair, and Virgin hair.

Normal hair refers to hair that has fallen naturally down to the floor or ground – think the strands of hair you find in your shower.  Therefore, the quality of the hair is not so good. The tips and the roots of the hair will be reversed and will not be pointing in the same direction. When we use this kind of hair, we first need to process it and do full acid treatment to make sure the hair has no tangling problems. The most common hair is Indian hair. It has a natural wave and the hair is soft and thin. After processing the hair, the quality will be very good and the cost not too high.

Remy hair and Virgin hair are types of hair that have been collected directly from the donor. However, they have their differences.

Virgin hair is raw, untouched hair.  It has not been bleached, dyed, permed, processed or chemically treated in any way. Virgin hair, therefore, refers to hair that is completely unprocessed and intact.  The great thing about Virgin hair is its quality: it can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.  You can care for Virgin Indian hair with shampoo and conditioner just like your own natural hair.

Remy hair has all its cuticles still intact and the tips and the roots of the hair are also not reversed. It may be processed with chemicals to bleach, dye or perm it but the quality still remains very good. However, it is not quite as good as Virgin hair.


The Remy hair and Virgin hair we use are from India and China so we call them Indian Remy/Virgin hair or Chinese Remy/Virgin hair. However, when people in the industry say Brazilian Virgin or Mongolian Virgin or other types of Virgin hair, they are just using these names for marketing purposes. Brazilian, Mongolian or even Cambodian hair are not sourced from those countries. Hair is hard to buy from there and the price is high. In today’s market, Brazilian hair and Mongolian hair actually refer to the best quality Chinese Virgin hair.


New Times Hair has a large number of stock wigs for sale. Our range includes normal Indian hair, Chinese Remy hair, Chinese Virgin hair and the best quality Mongolian Virgin hair. You can check the attached stock list and stock pictures.



We also have the best quality wholesale medical wigs with the best quality Brazilian hair. Please see the following pictures:



Chinese hair is a little thicker than Indian hair. So, for blond or light colors, we need to use Chinese Virgin hair and then process it. If we were to use Indian hair and then bleach or dye it, we would significantly weaken the hair and reduce its lifespan. Thicker, Chinese hair has a longer lifespan so if you want blond or light hair, please consider Chinese Virgin hair wigs.

As well as the previously mentioned hair, we also have rare real European hair. European hair is soft, thin and natural. However, it is hard to source. So, if a customer wants European hair, the maximum hair length we can do is 8”.  We can also choose the thinnest and softest Chinese Virgin hair as a substitute for European hair.

We hope this article helps you to better understand the different types of hair that are used to make wigs. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at wig@newtimeshair.com. We are always happy to help.

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