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Dye After Method for Lace Front Hair System

Nowadays, many customers place lace front orders with bleach knots because the lace front can have totally invisible effect. The hairline is very natural. But for dark colors which are darker than #1B, the knots can't be treated invisible by bleaching knots. But the customers require high quality bleaching knots effect. What should we do?

For this problem, our workers make several tests.

The first test:  They bleach knots twice on the base. The knots are a little visible. But the hair root is damaged by the bleach power and the hair sheds quickly. This method can't be used.

The Second test: Our knotting workers knots one hair every knot. The knots are small. After bleaching knots, the black knots can also be seen easily, especially in the hairline area. This method can't be used neither.

The Third test: Our workers use lighter color hair for knotting at first, for example #18, #22R or other lighter color. After finished knotting hair, they dye the light color hair into dark color. Then the knots which are stitching on the base is invisible at all. Meanwhile, the hair is dark color as requirement. We try this method on several orders, the effect is good. All the customers which is required dark color are satisfied the orders. The method is the best to solve the problem.

We call this method as " Dye After Method". Not every hairpiece factories can use this method because if the workers are so professional, they would dye the knots into dark color. Then the invisible effect can't be achieved.

If there is any question about this dye after method, please feel free to contact Newtimeshair. We are glad to help.

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