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Europeans have a long history of using human hair pieces. Europe was the original hub for wig users in the world as Europeans were the first people to wear modern hairpieces. Genetic factors cause many Caucasian people to lose hair at a relatively young age and the demand for human hair wigs there is now very large. With more disposable income typically available, wigs make up a higher proportion of the living costs of Europeans than in other parts of the world. Let's take a look at the top five countries in Europe with the highest rates of hair loss: Czech Republic (42.79%), Spain (42.6%), Germany (41.2%), France (39.24%) and the United Kingdom (39.23%). Such high percentages have lead to many wig wholesalers becoming involved in the European human hair wig wholesale business.



Generally speaking, hair loss is divided into two types:

  1. Permanent Hair Loss
  2. Temporary Hair Loss.

Permanent hair loss is mainly down to genes that are impossible to fight against. Hair simply starts to naturally fall out when people get to a certain age.

Temporary hair loss can be attributed to two reasons: one is a person’s mental state and the other is their lifestyle. The state of mind is tied to the emotions of the person. Hair loss is mainly caused by negative emotions, such as sadness and stress, for example. When people are in a very negative emotional environment, the body will secrete certain hormones such as adrenaline which affects the mood and to some extent also destroy the natural harmony of the body. There are already many Chinese and foreign medical studies that affirm the effects of emotions on hair growth. The most typical examples are alopecia areata and white hair. These are the result of special signals emitted by the body when it is in an extreme environment. In terms of lifestyle, the consumption of meat in most European countries is very large. Staple food and vegetables account for a small proportion of the diet so some vitamins may be lacking which can lead to hair loss. Furthermore, the water quality is different. What separates soft water and hard water is the content of calcium and magnesium ions. If hard water is boiled, it will usually become soft water and this diminishes the effectiveness of shampoo. For example, the alkaline components in hard water and shampoo usually produce some sediments which can make the scalp feel very uncomfortable. This accumulation of sediments may block hair follicles and cause hair loss. The Chinese diet, on the other hand, is often more nutritious with a better balance between meat and vegetables. China's water quality is also relatively softer compared to European countries so the proportion of Chinese hair loss in the world is relatively small.blog Knowing that Europeans have serious problems with hair loss, it is not difficult to see why there is such a large demand for wigs in Europe. For example, the UK is a country with a relatively high demand for hairpieces and the wig market there is relatively well-developed. There are many well-known European hairpiece wholesalers in the UK. They have been involved in the wholesale human hairpiece business for a long time and have a wealth of knowledge about human hair wigs. Many local salons purchase human hairpieces directly from wholesalers rather than buying directly from overseas manufacturers. The main reason for this is that salons are often not so knowledgeable about wigs and hairpieces and are unfamiliar with human hair wig wholesalers. These salons do not want to wait several days to get their hairpieces; they can get hairpieces from human hairpiece wholesalers based in their own country the same day. Then, if there are problems with quality, it does not take a long time to rectify them. The hairpiece wholesalers have all the knowledge and the salons end up becoming dependent on the wig wholesalers. They are tied to each other and the wholesale human hair wig and human hairpiece business end up becoming very rewarding.


Although the European human hair wig and hairpiece wholesale business is very lucrative right now, the wearing habits of human hairpieces differ across the continent. We can divide human hairpieces up according to their lifespan, how natural they are and how durable they are. Now we will list a few countries and give some general patterns about the wearing habits of people from those countries.

British and German people tend to favor durable hairpieces such as the D7-3, the HS27 and the HS27 Plus which are all made of fine mono and thick poly materials. These were the original materials used in the early days of hairpieces. British people have been using hairpieces since these times and they have come to stick with what they are accustomed to. Germany is a country that only wants the best-made, highest-quality products that will last so the durability of human hairpieces is their first consideration.Europe1


Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Belgian prefer more natural-looking hairpieces such as French lace with bleached knots(the HS7 and the Q6) and ultra-thin skin 0.03mm poly(the HS25-V and the HS1-V). The people from these countries pay much more attention to how natural their hairpiece looks. It also comes back to their quality of life. The welfare of these three countries is very good. Their life happiness index is very high and so they are very concerned about having a natural and realistic look. That is not to say that they are not worried about the quality. Of course, in an ideal world, hairpieces would be both very realistic and very durable but at this moment, human hairpieces cannot be both.Europe2

However, France, the Netherlands, and Austria are countries that like both natural pieces and durable pieces. People here have various needs and the same can be said for almost all other European countries.

But in recent years, with the development of human hair wig technology and the various requirements for the use of wigs and hairpieces, the boundaries of this apparent division have also become blurred. More and more people are asking for hairpieces that are both natural and durable. As such, the business model of wholesale hairpieces also needs to adapt. More focus needs to be placed on natural and durable hairpieces in order to keep abreast of the dynamics of the wholesale human hairpiece market which has to meet the demands of salons for different hairpieces and wigs.

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