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French Lace vs. Swiss Lace: Similar Yet Different

For your clients’ who are living in tropical weather with many scorching days, or for those who live a sporty lifestyle, a breathable and lightweight lace hair system can provide your clients the best wearing experience on those hot days.

Typically most hair system suppliers will provide two kinds of lace materials: French lace and Swiss lace for you to choose from, and you may feel confused about the difference between them.

Today, we are going to look into the two of the most popular lace with regard to their similarities, differences, as well as how you should choose between them!

Similarities Between French Lace and Swiss Lace

Both French lace and Swiss lace are mesh materials with thousands of holes on the surface, thus air and heat can easily go through, providing an airy and breathable experience to your clients.

Lace base gives your clients the unbeatable wearing experience that other hair systems cannot compare, hair system wearers who live in hot climates or have a very sporty lifestyle are usually the loyal and consistent users of them.

In terms of naturalness, both types of lace look matte and undetectable on the skin.

Lace Material Naturalness test

Differences Between French Lace and Swiss Lace


French Lace

Swiss Lace






3-4 Months

1-2 Months

Hair Volume 

Medium, Medium-heavy, Heavy

Medium-light, Light, Extra-light

French Lace vs. Swiss Lace​: Appearance


Without looking in a very close distance, one would hardly be able to tell any difference in their appearances as both types of base are made with thousands of super-thin threads neatly woven into a netting characterized by countless small holes.

However, if you observe the bases closely, you would find that the holes of Swiss lace are slightly larger than those of French lace, which actually makes Swiss lace appear a little more undetectable than French lace.

What’s more, larger holes undoubtedly mean higher breathability, which explains why Swiss lace hair systems can feel more breathable than French lace hair systems to many wearers.

French Lace vs. Swiss Lace: Touch


Speaking of how these two types of hair systems feel on the scalp, there still exist differences. The French lace is made from stronger and thicker threads in comparison to the Swiss lace base, so when you touch them, you could feel that Swiss lace is somewhat softer and lighter.

This difference is attributed to the fact that the fiber used in the production of Swiss lace material is finer whereas the fiber of French lace material is more resilient and of high strength, which also leads to their difference in lifespan.

French Lace vs. Swiss Lace: Durability and Lifespan

In spite of a relatively more comfortable feel brought by Swiss lace hair systems, they have their downsides as well. Compared with French lace hair systems, Swiss lace hair systems are more vulnerable to damage from tearing and pulling force since the threads are thin and soft.

When not used properly, the hair system base can easily get broken and go to waste. Typically speaking, a Swiss lace hair system can last one to two months before becoming unusable. In contrast, French lace hair systems are more resistant to such damages, which accounts for they come with a much longer lifespan of three to four months.

Besides, French lace hair systems are especially a better option for novice hair system wearers who are not that skilled in hair wig attachment and maintenance to minimize the chance of damaging or messing up the base.

French Lace vs. Swiss Lace: Hair Volume They can Afford


The level of hair density that a hair wig is capable of bearing is where another difference between the French lace hair system and the Swiss lace hair system.

Hair density is a measurement of the hair volume of a hair system. The higher the density, the more hair there is on the toupee. Hair density of hair wigs is usually classified into different levels in the hair wig industry, which are extra light, light, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy and heavy, from lowest to highest.

Given that the French lace material is made from stronger fiber material that is very resistant to pulling force and breakage, French lace hair systems can go with a hair density that is as high as medium-heavy to cater to the needs of wearers who long for a head of thick hair.

However, when it comes to Swiss lace hair systems, things are not as that flexible and agreeable as the maximum hair density that the Swiss lace base is compatible with turns out to be just medium light and anything goes beyond that would make the hair system base much more vulnerable to breakage and pulling force.

And this makes it impossible for people who want a hair density higher than medium-light to try Swiss lace hair wigs, which actually remains one of the reasons why French lace hair systems have a much larger consumer group than Swiss lace hair systems across the globe.


All in all, both French lace and Swiss lace have their own pros and cons, and which one to go for highly hinges on what the wearers give more importance to with regard to areas including naturalness, scalp feel, lifespan, and hair density.

Generally speaking, for hair system wearers who have higher expectations of naturalness and comfort, a Swiss lace hair system is an ideal choice. However, if your clients give more importance to higher price value points, the French lace one is what we recommend. What’s more, if your clients have medium to heavy hair density, then the French lace hair system is a better choice.

Having been dedicated to the human wig, hair system, and hair extension wholesale business for more than a decade, New Times Hair always strives to offer the most professional knowledge and top-class hair products to help hair business owners to start and expand. For any questions and business inquiries, please kindly contact us at

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