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Grey Hair Type

Grey  Hair Type

Newtimes Hair, the professional hair products factory with nearly 20 years industry experience.

We have experienced workers, strict quality control and professional technician.

Our main products are hair replacement, both custom order and stock order are available.

To choose a natural toupee, a natural color is very important. For some old men, they want grey hair mixed the base color. We have both human hair grey hair and synthetic grey hair. So which one do you want?

If you want short hair, we suggest you choose synthetic grey hair. Compare to the human grey hair, synthetic  grey hair is not easy change color, after a long time wearing, the human grey hair will become yellow, but synthetic grey hair will not changed. Also synthetic grey hair will easy to style . If you want wave or curly, synthetic will have a very good style than human grey hair.

Any other questions please contact Newtimes Hair anytime.

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