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Category: Hair System Care & Maintenance


How to Detangle a Matted Human Hair Wig the Right Way

As some of us have more or less noticed, the hair of our hair system, especially curly human hair wigs can get tangled over time without proper care. Not only does this lead to an unnatural messy look that can give the secret away, but it can also gradually jeopardize the hair system itself by

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Is It OK to Sleep In a Wig and How?

Over the past few weeks, many of our partners have got questions from their customers asking if it would be OK for them to sleep in a wig. It is definitely not hard to imagine how relevant this question can be for hair wig wearers, especially those who have just started wearing hair systems. Most

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Why My Hair Wig is Shedding and How to Stop it Effectively

If you have ever worn hair wigs at any point in your life, you must have experienced hair wig shedding to some degree. If you are running a hair wig business, you must have dealt with many customers who complain about hair shedding problems of the wigs you sold them. Yes, just like our natural

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My New Hair System is not Sticking, This Will Help! (Video Included)

Hair system products have long become a very favorable hair loss solution for being very natural-looking, comfy, and user-friendly. That is why they have been rapidly gaining popularity among guys from all over the world over the last decade. However, the hair system installation can get a bit challenging for those who have just started

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How to Live Your Everyday Life With a Hair System

Living with a hair replacement system doesn’t have to mean the end of your normal routine. Men with hair systems are able to work, exercise, and enjoy activities without having to worry about whether or not their hair replacement system will fall off. In the following guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about

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HS7 maintenance

Full Lace Hair System Daily Maintenance Tutorial

The lifespan of a hair system is strongly associated with how well it is taken care of through the course of use, aside from things such as base material, hair type, hair knotting. When used properly, along with regular and correct ways of maintenance, there should not exist any problems that can keep your customers

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How You Should Go with the Hairstyle of the Hair System

Over the past years, hair systems, as a non-surgical hair loss solution, have been favored by tens of thousands of men from all over the world with hair loss problems. By wearing a hair system, not only do they manage to gain back the natural full hair look they used to have, but they also

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