How to Attach Female Hair Toppers with Micro Rings

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How to Attach Female Hair Toppers with Micro Rings

How to attach a hair replacement to make it undetectable is an eternal topic in the business. To install hair toppers, there are, essentially, two methods: 1. Using clips, find the most appropriate position to attach the hair topper. 2. Use micro rings to blend the hair topper naturally with the customer’s natural hair.


Today, we will share with you an accessible tutorial on how to use micro rings to attach our stock female hair topper: IN6*6.


1. Wash the hair without any conditioner. If you need to apply shampoo, just use normal shampoo on the ends. The hair needs to be dry and oil-free at the ends.

2. Determine the color of the micro rings you are going to use. It is best to choose micro rings that are similar to the color of the roots.

3. Pull a strand of hair through the ring, and do not get the micro rings too close to the scalp. Always keep the rings down to keep it nice and flat on the scalp.


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We hope this tutorial helps support your daily operations. If you have more expert advice on this topic, we welcome any better advice based on your expertise!


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