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The word tangling will make many of your customers groan in despair. Trying to sort out a beautiful custom hair system can often result in a bigger mess and endless frustration. To be honest, there may well be some tangling over time but if you can understand the cause of it and can help your customers avoid some common mistakes, you will be able to earn their trust and loyalty. So, what causes tangled hair? The two main reasons for tangling are the quality of hair used to make a hair replacement system and the hair routine of customers.



First of all, let us examine the relationship between the quality of the hair and hair tangling. As you know there are two main types of hair used in the hair replacement industry: normal hair and Remy hair. The roots and tips of normal hair do not face the same direction and this is a big cause of tangling. That’s why the hair needs to be treated with acid to remove the cuticles before it is ventilated to a hair system. After chemical treatment, the quality of the hair is reduced and the hair will knot more easily. Remy hair, on the other hand, has all its roots and tips pointing in the same direction so the cuticles do not need to be removed. The quality of Remy hair is better and this is reflected in the price.



If customers do not care about the price and just want better quality hair, then please recommend Remy hair to them. In addition, when your customers want long hair, light colors or small curls, it is better that they choose Remy hair. Remember that normal hair undergoes chemical treatment to remove its cuticles and since light-colored hair or small curls requires more chemical treatment, the hair quality will end up being very poor. As a professional wig manufacturer, we also offer other types of hair: European hair, Chinese Virgin hair, Mongolian hair and Brazilian hair. All this hair is high quality and has its cuticles intact. If you want more details about hair, please contact us at any time.

You may notice that the hair of hairpieces tangles more than our real hair but why is this the case? Well, the scalp produces natural oils that help prevent the hair from drying out and getting caught in itself. The hair of hairpieces is not ‘live’ so hairpieces are more prone to tangling and require more care. In short, dry hair tangles more. Therefore, you should ensure your customers pay proper attention to hair care because a poor hair routine will cause tangling.



Here are some points that will help your customers care for their hair systems better.

1. First, please make sure that your customers use good-quality shampoo and conditioner. The quality of hair care products will affect the hair quality of the hair system. In addition, moisturizing products can be used to stop the hair from drying out. Be wary of using hair care products that contain sulfate because this softens the hair and causes the hair to fall out. Also, tell your customers to avoid using hair care products containing alcohol because alcohol makes hair dry and more prone to tangling. Instead, opt for natural, sulfate and alcohol-free products or those specifically designed for tangled hair. Using the right products can help keep the hairpiece soft and more manageable.

2. After cleaning their hair replacement system, please tell your customers not to lie down in it whilst they are waiting for their hair to dry. They are best off putting the hairpiece on the top of a wig stand or a mannequin's head whilst it dries. It is also good to use a leave-in conditioner and then gently comb it through the wig. Wait until the hair is completely dry before brushing because the hair is at its weakest when wet.



3. If your customers often blow dry, straighten or curl their hair, this will inevitably lead to dry, dull hair because we already know that dry hair is more likely to become tangled. So, please advise your customers to avoid heated hair tools. If they do have to use them, please suggest that they use them at a low to medium-temperature setting and that they always use a heat protector before styling

4. Try not to let your clients sleep in their hairpiece as this will cause hair loss and knotting. If they do, then ask them to consider changing to a silk pillowcase or to wear a silk cap or scarf.

5. Lastly, unsuitable combs/brushes or an incorrect combing/brushing technique will cause knots. It is important to use brushes and combs designed specifically for hair replacement systems. When tangling occurs, a major mistake that most people make is to use a brush to detangle their hair system. Brushes are meant for styling a hairpiece, not detangling hair. It is best to start detangling with a wide-toothed comb and then switching to your regular brush after your hair has been detangled. Secondly, if you brush from the top, it will make more tangles.



In conclusion, you can see that the two most important factors for avoiding tangling are choosing good quality hair for your customers and teaching them how to care for their hair systems. I hope this article has been helpful to you. If there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to contact me personally at [email protected].

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