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Realism is what all your clients are after when they are choosing their hair system. As you will have made your clients aware, the base material of the hair system plays a big role in determining how realistic and undetectable a hair system is. Aside from the base material though, the realism of a hair system can be enhanced in several ways. One of the most common ways (and one most of your clients will already know about) is bleached knots.

Bleached knots simply require the application of a bleaching mixture on the knots to remove some color from the hair roots. That way, the hair roots will not look dark and they will become less detectable. During the course of this short blog, we will offer you a few technical aspects on how to bleach knots on wigs and we will also explain what bleached knots can do for a hair system and what you need to be aware of when you request them.

Bleaching knots is not a complicated process but nevertheless, it is a process that requires a lot of care and attention in order to achieve the best possible effects. First, we will mix bleaching powder with bleaching liquid. The resulting mixture cannot be made too thin. If it is, the mixture will spread too far up the strands of hair and create an unnatural appearance. 

Then we will brush the mixture on the areas of the hair replacement systems requiring bleached knots and leave the mixture on the hairpiece for a while. It is crucial that the bleaching mixture is not left on the knots for too long otherwise the hair will become over bleached and it will break. Conversely, you cannot leave the mixture on for too short a time because the knots will not be bleached well enough.

Finally, the bleaching mixture needs to be fully washed off. If not, the entire hair color will change.

Providing the knots have been bleached well the hair roots will be lighter in color and undetectable to the naked eye, especially those on the front hairline, even when viewed from close-up. The hair should also remain strong and you should not be able to loosen the knots easily. Sometimes, however, clients may ask for very heavy bleaching where the knots end up with almost no color left. Whilst such a procedure is possible, a great deal of care needs to be taken and it is not one we recommend since a hair system with heavily-bleached knots will not last a long time. 


It is worth mentioning that only net material bases, such as lace bases and mono bases with enough big holes like fine welded mono, super fine welded mono can have bleached knots. Skin bases and fine mono bases cannot be bleached because we have to apply the mixture on the scalp side of the base and let it spread through to the hair roots on the other side. Obviously, this would ruin the natural appearance of these bases. New Times hair has many types of lace hair systems with well-bleached knots which are very popular in hot climates. You can find them through this link:

If you are unsure about what base materials we can do bleached knots on or which areas of the hair system we can do bleached knots on then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at as one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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